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“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

Why EvalX?

EvalX is a survey system add-on, an interface that allows you to take any link, turn it into a charity campaign, and improve participation in your survey in the process.

Higher Purpose

Extensive research shows, participants respond more to charity campaigns than to direct financial incentives.

Higher Response Rate

Through committing your resources to a charity rather than directly to the participant, you achieve substantially higher response rates. And you help a good cause of your choosing.  


Greater Validity

More respondents will fill out your surveys completely, helping you to achieve the statistically meaningful and valid results that have been eluding you. 

Your survey participant’s opinions matter under this system more than ever. Not only you can improve the input that you crave, but also donate to a charity and improve life in the process

EvalX is suitable for Academic Institutions

Academic Institutions

EvalX grew out of the academic course evaluation environment, where participation was exceedingly low. Students not filling out your evals when you offer them an iPad? A raffle? Find a donor and commit $$ to a charity, or financial aid and watch participation rates jump!

Medical Institutions

Your surveys are money! Federal institutions often predicate reimbursement on patient feedback but prohibit any direct financial incentive to participate. EvalX is not a direct financial incentive so can be used to improve response rates.

EvalX is suitable for Medical Institutions
EvalX is suitable for Medical Institutions

Medical Institutions

Your surveys are money! Federal institutions often predicate reimbursement on patient feedback.  That is money you are losing.  By offering real giving to a charitable cause of particular interest to your constituents, you will not only improve your results but also improve your reputation.

EvalX is suitable for Corporate Institutions

Corporate Institutions

Don’t feel the world is aware of all the good charity work you do or the dollars you give? EvalX is a great way to improve survey rates and let respondents know about your charitable commitments.  Good PR and a good thing.


EvalX helps charitable causes and in so doing increases the validity of your data


Participation increases

Donation $ Raised

How does it work?

Step 1.

Choose a non-profit that you want to support. Keep in mind that you should choose a non-profit that will optimally engage your survey respondents. If you are a non-profit, this might be your org!

Step 2.





Step 3x

Find a donor who champions your cause. For non-profits, this could be any of your bigger supporters, for medical institutions and businesses, the donor would most likely be you!

Use our interface to create the survey, or create your link using SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics or any other leading survey system. Put their URL in our charity interface.


Step 4.

Internal and external users can become your respondents.You can also send customizable reminders to those who have not yet completed their surveys.

Step 4.

The interface tolls the number of respondents and lets the participants know the corresponding amount that has been raised for charity. 

Step 5.

Watch your response rates increase. When respondents find out that a few minutes of their time will help a worthy cause, they will be far less likely to send your survey to their spam folder.

Step 6.

Feel good! You just made the world a better place teaming up with your respondents, and a little help from EvalX!

EvalX speaks to social purpose!

“Our mission is to improve the world for the survey-giver, survey-taker and for non-profits. Through our approach, institutions improve their survey validity and their reputation by demonstrating their commitment to charities in their community.  The tremendous survey participation results we have had over the past decade using this approach strengthens our conviction and commitment to our mission.”

Henry Biggs

CEO, EvalX

Do you spend time and effort promoting your surveys, only to get meager response rates?

EvalX takes a different approach that has proven results!
Take Your Surveys to a New Level!

Our purpose is to increase your survey’s response rate. Our mission is to get individuals and companies to give to charities. Join us!

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