5 Fundraising Tips for New Nonprofits

Congratulations! You have officially set up a small but dedicated nonprofit organization. To make this possible, you conducted thorough research and defined the mission that your charitable organization will fulfill. Great! But this is only the beginning of a long journey.

To be efficient and stable, your nonprofit needs the support of people who also believe in your mission: donors. Attracting donors may be pretty challenging for a small new organization. This article provides five tips for growing your fundraising community.

  1. Fundraising events

The best way to get the word out about your new nonprofit is to organize an event. Invite everyone in your community who may be interested in fundraising and charity support. Encourage them to invite their friends and family. Undoubtedly some of your invitees will be interested in making a contribution.

  1. Product sales.

Selling a product that gives a cut back to the charity is a common practice in the nonprofit industry. Choose an item that will sell easily such as branded T-shirts, office supplies or even cookies and donuts.

  1. Amazon Smile.

This Amazon program gives 0.5% of Amazon purchases to a charity chosen by the consumer. The funds raised through this type of program will be modest, but setup is easy. Make sure that your supporters know that they need to navigate to the Amazon Smile homepage rather than the regular site.

  1. EvalX.

The unique online survey software EvalX was created to give funds to charities and to increase survey response rates for users. Unlike Amazon Smile and similar programs, the donation amounts per survey are substantial. EvalX itself is a nonprofit/for-profit hybrid (L3C) and therefore able to focus on its social impact and not just its bottom line. Join the EvalX pool of nonprofit beneficiaries and encourage your supporters to use EvalX for their online survey needs.

  1. In-kind donations.

This type of donation involves services and products gifted to your charity. For instance, maybe you need to create a website. As a nonprofit, you can ask a supporter with tech savvy to create a website for free as a donation.