Ask Your Supporters for Donations the Right Way

When it comes to asking your donors for financial support for your nonprofit organization, you may feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed. It is important to explain in detail where their hard-earned money will go and why you need this money. Here are some tips to simplify this negotiation process significantly.

Understand your potential donor.

The main reason why people invest in a cause is that they truly care about it. By donating, people show their commitment to its mission. Therefore, it is crucial to research your prospect’s interests. If an individual has supported environmental protection projects exclusively for decades, it is unlikely that they will agree to donate to a nonprofit that fights for rights of the LGBT community.

Be transparent.

Donors like to see where their money goes. Assure your prospect that your organization is transparent. Show them the outcomes of the programs on a regular basis. When you ask them for support again in the future, they will be more likely to donate if they have seen evidence that their money made a concrete difference.

Ask for their advice.

By asking your prospects for advice, you make them feel valued and involved. When a donor feels invested in your mission, they will continue to support you.

Know exactly what you are asking for.

If you are asking for financial support, you should know exactly how much money you need and why. A campaign for a target amount to fund a specific project tends to be much more effective than a general call for donations.

Ask for a donation at the right time.

Certain occasions throughout the year are ideal for soliciting for donations. “Giving Tuesday,” the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, for example, is a day when many people are actively contributing to their favorite charities. Another great opportunity is during the month dedicated to awareness of your cause. For instance, November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, and November 16th is World Pancreatic Cancer Day. Donors are more likely to contribute when the topic is fresh in their minds.

We hope that these recommendations will be useful for you and will help you to raise more funds. Another easy way to grow your nonprofit’s funds is to join to the EvalX pool of nonprofits. When a corporate or academic institution sets up a fundraising survey campaign with EvalX, your charity is suggested as a beneficiary, bringing in a steady flow of donations and spreading awareness of your cause.