Things to Consider When Hiring Volunteers

Growing the internal community of nonprofit volunteers doesn’t require monetary rewards but instead depends on your supporters’ willingness to give their time freely. Therefore, you need to look for volunteers with intrinsic motivation to fulfill the mission of your organization. Finding enthusiastic team members may seem daunting. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself and potential volunteers to ensure a great match.

  1. What are the three most important characteristics needed for a volunteer to fulfill your nonprofit’s mission?

If your charity helps people in need or stray animals, you may be looking for team members who are empathetic, social, and compassionate. If the goal of your organization is to build houses for homeless people or to plant trees to improve the environment, you may need to focus on finding hard-working, active, and skilled volunteers.

  1. What barriers might prevent people from volunteering?

Common obstacles that keep people from volunteering include fear and unanswered questions. “Will I be safe? Will I have enough energy and time to contribute? Do I have the skills needed to really help?” Creating a FAQ section on your website is an efficient way to address your volunteers’ concerns.

  1. What kind of recruitment message will attract volunteers?

Think carefully about the motivation of your potential volunteers. How will the project help its beneficiary population, in both the short and long term? What are the potential benefits for volunteers, both tangible and intangible? All of these aspects should be mentioned in your project’s messaging.

  1. Are your recruitment materials as effective as they can be?

Information is often easier to digest when presented visually. Consider drafting brochures, infographics, and a short video to demonstrate all the opportunities and benefits that come with volunteering for your nonprofit.  

  1. Would any of my friends be interested in becoming a volunteer?

There is nothing wrong with starting your recruitment campaign with your nearest community: friends, relatives, colleagues from other projects, etc. Even if they are not interested in volunteering, they may be able to put you in touch with someone who would be interested.

  1. How will you retain your volunteers?

The answers to this question are individual and depend on your volunteers’ personality. However, some common basic principles are to be friendly, open-minded, sincere, and grateful.

Seeking feedback from volunteers is a great way to ensure that you care about their input and opinions. provides a simple platform for collecting feedback and analyzing the responses.