Social Media Tactics to Attract Donors to Your Cause

In today’s quickly-changing world, the population’s social media sophistication and awareness of social causes are also steadily increasing. Your donors are no exception! Sponsors are becoming more selective in choosing a charity to support, and donors quickly reject irrelevant information and stale communication methods.

As a nonprofit manager, you need to keep your donors interested and engaged by adopting modern, social media-savvy strategies:

Use a variety of communication channels.

If classical email is your only method for reaching out to donors, you are losing ground. Sophisticated communication methods are necessary to capture the attention of today’s donors. Consider personalizing your calls for donations through direct messages on Twitter (your nonprofit has a Twitter account, right?) and Facebook.

On the flip side, complement your internet-based communications with handwritten letters. This approach will also catch your donors’ attention as handwritten letters are increasingly rare.

An interesting hybrid approach is to take a photo of a handwritten note and publish on your social media account.

Turn your donors into followers.

Each time a new donor gives funds to your nonprofit, ask for a follow or like on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This simple but effective tactic will help you to grow your online community and turn donors into followers.

Ask your donors to share something other than financial support.

Ask your donors to get their involved! Invite donors to your events, ask them to share a personal story about your charity with their community, and include them on committees. These simple actions strengthen long-term relationships with your donors.

Make donor recognition your #1 priority.

Tell your audience about your donors! List donors on your website and recognize them in social media postings. Regardless of the donation amount, this simple act of recognition shows your gratitude and bolsters the donor’s intrinsic motivation to support your nonprofit in the future.

Use technologies for nonprofits that will match you with long-term donors.

There is an abundance of technologies to make running a nonprofit a bit easier. One such technology is EvalX — the only online survey software that makes fundraising for charities a major priority. Each time when someone fills out a survey with EvalX, a substantial donation is made to a charity in our pool of nonprofits.

As the number of surveys submitted through EvalX grows, the funds raised for your nonprofit will steadily increase. Join our pool of nonprofit beneficiaries today and raise more funds with EvalX!