How to Turn Your Fundraising Auction Bidders into Donors?

As the representative of a nonprofit, you know understand the importance of fundraising events. When you arrange a party or a fundraising auction for your charitable cause, you have the opportunity to attract a new audience for your organization — exactly what a young nonprofit needs.

But you also understand that quality is more important than quantity. In other words, it can be more valuable to have a longterm relationship with a few committed donors than a lot of donors who give once and never come back. Therefore, it is crucial not only to attract new people to your auction but also to turn your bidders into committed donors. Here are some tips to achieve this goal:

  1. Make your auction items relevant to your bidders’ interests.

If you organize a fundraising auction to attract bidders and raise funds for your charity, make sure the items offered are interesting for your bidders and relevant to your cause.

For instance, if your nonprofit supports animals, your potential donors might be interested in prizes related to pets. To satisfy your bidders, it is a good idea to create a donor persona. We discussed how to design a donor persona’s profile in our previous articles.

  1. Tell a comprehensive story.

You no doubt know the importance of storytelling in nonprofit marketing. Briefly state the mission of your cause, and then provide your potential donors with real cases and success stories.

Tell donors how critical the situation is, how much their support is needed, and how their previous support has helped. Give them an emotional reason to donate — let them enjoy the feeling of being an important part of your mission.

  1. Show your gratitude.

Be grateful to your bidders for participating in your fundraising auction. It is always nice to give out a small souvenir that will remind your potential donors of your organization. Your event’s visitors should feel valued and appreciated.

Turning your bidders into donors doesn’t have to be hard. Create a donor persona, tell a comprehensive, touching story, always be grateful, and you will attract committed supporters to your nonprofit.