6 Best Practices for Increasing Donor Engagement

In previous posts, we discussed the importance of engaging with your donors to develop long-lasting connections. Creating warm relationships with your donors will help you to improve one of the most important metrics for non-profit organizations – donor retention rate. This figure reflects the percentage of donors that continue to contribute to your fund after an initial donation.

Clearly, it is more efficient to maintain your established relationships than to build new ones, making it worth your while to cultivate these connections. Here six tips that will help you to keep your donors engaged with your nonprofit.

  1. Be grateful.

After receiving a donation, whether online or offline, it is crucial to thank your donors immediately by email. Your note should be personalized — make it special in some way, if possible! Let your donors know that their support is important to you.

  1. Be welcoming.

As well as being attentive to existing donors, be sure to welcome newcomers with a friendly email or letter with relevant information about your nonprofit.

  1. Remember that it’s not just about money.

Keep your communication balanced. Don’t just send letters continually asking for financial support. Keep your contributors updated with good news, upcoming events, and personalized success stories.

  1. Give your donors freedom of choice.

Although it is critical to keep your donors in the loop, it is also important to ask your donors how often they would like to receive updates from you. They will appreciate it!

  1. Use newsletters to engage.

Don’t waste your newsletter’s valuable potential. Use this communication as a powerful tool to engage with your donors. Ask for their opinions or advice to increase their engagement and sense of investment in your organization. A great option is to use a free online survey software that supports your charity — EvalX makes this type of fundraising survey campaign easy.

  1. Use social media channels for communication.

You no doubt already have a Facebook and Twitter account. Make maximum use of these and other social media channels by sharing useful and engaging content with your followers.