Why Creating a Donor Persona Is Important for Your Nonprofit?

If you have ever dealt with marketing, then you are likely familiar with the term “buyer persona.” This concept refers to a set of characteristics that provide a detailed description of your target audience, or a typical person who is likely to be interested in your product. Creating a “buyer persona” helps you to develop an effective marketing strategy and reach your business goals.

Even if your organization is a nonprofit, this approach is useful. Your target audience does not consist of potential customers, but rather potential donors who will support your nonprofit.

Creating a portrait of your ideal “donor persona” will help significantly in attracting supporters and building long-term relationships. If you know what your potential donors are interested in, how often they donate, and which organizations they usually support, it is easier to create marketing materials that will be relevant and engaging for them.

To create a donor persona that brings value to your organization, you need to ask the right questions. In our next article, we will tell you more about the questions you need to ask yourself about your potential donor.

To begin, however, consider asking a focus group of your existing donors about which social media channels they usually use, which nonprofits they most often support, etc. with the help of a survey. To get statistically significant results, you need a large sample size of respondents. To encourage a response, it is always a good idea to offer an incentive. And what is the best motivation for donors? Making the world a better place, of course!

Use an online survey software like EvalX to improve your survey response rates. Why? Because with each survey submitted, a donation is pledged to your charitable organization. This incentive will capture your respondents’ attention.

Your “donor persona” represents your average donor, who makes an average donation to your nonprofit. You may also want to develop a “major donor persona,” representing an individual who provides substantial financial support. This is another area where online research comes into play. Make it easy to capture meaningful data — take advantage of EvalX’s intuitive survey software and make it matter!