Turn Your Volunteers into Donors in 5 Steps

Interest in your nonprofit organization is growing, and you have engaged a lot of volunteers. Good job! Did you know that your volunteers are also a promising source of donations?

According to data from the 54th International Fundraising Conference, the average volunteer gives ten times as much as someone who doesn’t have any relationship to your cause. So why haven’t your volunteers donated to your charity yet? You may not have developed an efficient strategy to encourage your volunteers to donate. Below you can find some useful tips that will help you to inspire your volunteers to support your nonprofit.

Keep your volunteers updated.

During volunteer orientation meetings, think beyond delegating duties and responsibilities. Make sure your new volunteers really understand your nonprofit’s mission and goals. Let them know how funds that are raised are important for achieving your charity’s goals.

Provide volunteers with memorable experiences.

Think about what might motivate your volunteers to take the next step in donating to the cause. Consider giving awards to recognize excellent work, hosting intimate internal events for teams that have worked together on a project, and larger parties to bring together volunteers from diverse projects. By building meaningful relationships, you can develop long-term connections with your volunteers.

Be grateful.

Your volunteers want to feel special and appreciated. Don’t limit your gratitude to basic thank you letters. Organize an internal party or give out simple presents (from home-made cookies to branded T-shirts). When they see that you recognize their efforts, they may feel moved to support your cause in other ways.

Keep your volunteers in the loop about giving opportunities.

You do not necessarily want to ask your volunteers directly for financial support, but do keep them informed about donation opportunities. Some volunteers may be moved to donate. Moreover, even if they do not personally have the budget for donations, they may forward the information to friends who want to support the cause financially.

Invite your volunteers to take surveys on EvalX.

Add your charity to the EvalX pool of nonprofit beneficiaries, and use EvalX’s intuitive software to create surveys. When your volunteers respond to your requests for input, they can support your charity without spending any money! You can also create surveys designed to solicit input from potential volunteers and donors.

When your volunteers forward the survey email to their friends, they are again providing financial support to your charity without spending any of their own money. Let EvalX help you turn your volunteers into donors the easy way!