The Perfect Donor Thank You Letter in 4 Steps

The Perfect Donor Thank You Letter in 4 Steps In our previous article, we discussed how your nonprofit can use social media to show gratitude and appreciation to its donors. However, don’t forget the classic, gold-standard thank you letter! You might be surprised how...

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How Social Influencers Can Help Charities

How Social Influencers Can Help Charities An unstoppable flow of content is generated by billions of social media users every day. Some influence other people significantly; others do not. Those that do are called “social influencers.” Their recommendations and...

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Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid

Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid Business relationships between your nonprofit organization and donors are based on a foundation of trust, transparency, and hard work. Your charity supporters are giving their hard-earned money to your fund. Therefore, they are counting...

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How to Become a Charity Trustee

How to become a charity trustee A charity trustee is responsible for general control and management a charity’s administration. He or she makes decisions along with the governing body of the fund. The charity’s directors may also be charity trustees. Given the level...

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Useful Facts About Corporate Giving

Useful Facts About Corporate Giving On average, one volunteer hour is worth at least $23 to your nonprofit organization (in the USA). Can you imagine the financial impact of volunteer hours donated by large corporations? We all know that corporate giving has a...

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